Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

As another year passes, I think about how thankful I am for my family. It was a wonderful treat to join together with so many family members at our reunion. As I watch the snow fall, I look forward with great anticiapation to our second annual reunion...which is in JULY...when it is HOT...and doesn't snow!!!! God Bless us, everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry safe in your travels and enjoy the day!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is coming....

but I think it is me who is getting fat[ter] not a goose...LOL!

Just some wrapping to do, then I think I am done. I have a Dr. appointment at 12:45 tomorrow, will stop and pick up a veggie tray for Christmas day on my way home. Last year I forgot that nothing was open late Christmas Eve, won't make the same mistake this year. Get your cookies ready, Santa is getting ready to come to your house!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas plans

I have been trying to get everything done for Christmas so at the last minute I am not in a rush. I don't really have that much to do, my son-in-law may be coming over with the grandkids sometime over the holiday, but it is hard to say when. I just have a couple small gifts to pick up, and the only thing left to do is wrap and enjoy the holiday. We are going to my sister-in-law's house for Christmas afternoon, so the morning will probably be very relaxing just sitting around with Dave watching TV...maybe I can sneak in a showing of White Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is so close... this year has just flown by...along with taking better care of our health, I think we need to make a resolution to just pay more attention to what is going on and savor each day. The years go by so fast, it seems it was just the start of Spring and then it is Christmas again!


We really got hit with the snow. I think we have about 12", but I didn't measure, just estimated. I like to think about planning the Family Reunion cause it makes me think of hot summer days instead of the freezing winter weather!

Hopefully I can get out to finish my Christmas shopping today!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Simple Star

This poem was written by my cousin Chris Werre, she graciously gave me permission to post it here. It is beautiful!

Everyone could see the star that shone that night.
Those whose hearts were pure;
Those whose hearts were just not sure.
Brighter and brighter shone the light
That pierced the darkness of the night.
Little children stopped to stare,
Magi searched for what was there.
The Light shone into the unsure heart...
the child's heart...
the learned mind.
A star, a simple star, drew their eyes...
their hearts...
their minds,
To One whose story never ends;
whose life has no beginning.
Unchanging God.
The Light of the world could be seen from heaven...
from earth...
from eyes that yearned to see hope.
A simple start illuminating the Bright & Morning Star.
One light.
One star.
One Savior.
For you; for me; for all hearts.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter is coming!!!

We are supposed to get snow tonight. I don't think I will make it to work tomorrow, I am supposed to be heading down Baltimore way and they are supposed to get even more than we are. I don't like missing work, but at least it is a day that can be rescheduled.

I hope everyone stays safe and warm in the storm. The Connecticut and Maine family will probably get it worse than we do!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

I am so glad to finally have the tree decorated! I love it so much when it is done, but the whole process of getting the decorations out of the attic and hauling them downstairs is a pain. I also have tons of decorations that I don't use...guess I need to downsize.

Still have shopping to do. Thankfully, I bought some things over the course of the year or I wouldn't have anything done. When I see something that I know a certain person would like, I buy it so that I don't have to go back later at Christmastime and find it. I did that this year, and I even know where the gifts are! That is the amazing part! I plan to get all presents bought and sorted and wrapped this weekend, then I will be all set!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I went to the gym today...second day in a row, good for me!! When I got home, guess who was sitting on my porch? A squirrel! Either there were three, or they did find thier way home!!!! I guess I have to go set the trap again!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Squirrels and Squirrels and Squirrels OH MY!!!

I looked out the back door this morning and saw the squirrels. I think they got into our attic and we can't figure out how they are getting in. I remembered that we have a Have a Heart Trap, so, since my husband wasn't home, I decided to be brave and try to trap them!

I had to goggle how to set the trap, that was easy! I put it on the back porch and threw in some honey nut cheerios and walnuts and a couple pieces of a fortune cookie. I kept looking out the door but there was nothing in my trap. I figured it wouldn't really work, but I kept looking anyway. Finally around 2:30....Look...there is a squirrel in my trap and a second squirrel sitting on top looking in at him. I called my husband and no matter where in the country you are, you probably heard him laughing! Now what do I do???!!!

  1. put a garbage bag on the back seat

  2. put on some thick gloves

  3. pick up the cage and carry to the car

  4. drive to a wooded area

  5. put the cage on the ground

  6. open the door

  7. watch squirrel shoot out like a bullet! I don't think he liked being in there!!!

I reset the trap when I got home, figuring that his friend wouldn't be stupid enough to go in after seeing him trapped in there. Here's a new flash...squirrels aren't very smart. About 2 hours later, I had squirrel number two trapped and carried away to the same wooded area as his friend. My only concern now is that they are smarter than I think and they will find their way back!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

check out the changes

Please scroll down and take a look at the page. I have added different pictures and a new slide show!

What a difference a day makes

yesterday was rainy, cold and miserable all day. Today it was sunny and in the 40's! Started working on the newsletter for January. I hope everyone enjoys reading it and doing the puzzles as much as I enjoy creating it. I spend so much time doing work on the computer for work, it is nice to have something personal to work on and utilize my skills! Time to relax, eat a bowl of soup and watch Public Enemies with my DH!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slushy Sunday

Dave came home from work this morning with his hair all wet! It was raining and getting icy, glad he got home when he did! I have to get our Christmas tree decorated so I wasn't planning on going out anyway, but if this keeps up I know I won't be going out!

I walked into the living room and heard them talking on TV about this guy who hit two people with his car and his lawyer is claiming that the man had Caffeine Psychosis! I don't drink coffee in excess, but I do love my Starbucks...or Dunkin' Donuts...or Sheetz...or Gloria Jean...or Green Mountain...or Seattle's Best...okay, okay, I love just about any coffee! Well, I am Bette's daughter after all! I still can't imagine that I could have enough coffee that I wouldn't be able to drive without running over people. This is just what we needed, another made up disease, disorder, whatever you want to call it, for people to blame their bad behavior on!

plan for today...Drink coffee, decorate tree, drink more coffee, eat cookies, decorate the tree some more, watch a movie, drink more coffee....But don't drive, in this weather and with all the caffeine, I would just be an accident waiting to happen!